About us

Extenso Logistics offer you complete logistics solutions. We assure you the highest levels of operational efficiency and help you run your production smoothly. Our excellent service turns your logistics challenges into a real competitive advantage. We provide total solutions for supply chain that require an optimized combination of our services. Using our fleet, locations and partners as a solid foundation, we steadily adjust our service facility to the needs and requirements associated with activities. We can detect the fastest and most cost-effective routes and offer cheap rates when it comes to warehousing and trucking service as we know the best Ocean Freight Carriers & Airlines to use. We believe in delivering logistical services on time.

Looking at the above market potential Extenso Logistics Team has engaged itself in to the following activities:

Effective Communication and flow of information is also a key element of their business. We believe in investing in technology that adds value to our clients’ experience by building automated processes, increasing efficiency in team work and a growing a stronger global network. Our action strategy is simple, identify customer requirements, provide appropriate solutions, measure customer satisfaction and improve the speed at which services are brought to the customer’s work place. For Extenso Logistics to sustain its success, the company participates the key success factors into all levels of our business and organization. We employ and empower our employees to provide the best services that would result in maximum customer satisfaction and at the same time achieving all our missions and business objectives. We adopts advanced IT solutions as part of their working lifestyle.